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Zero config, multi-chain deployments platform for smart contracts teams.

Compatible with Foundry and Hardhat scripts.

Boost your deployments DevX

Foundry and Hardhat support

Use your Foundry or Hardhat Deploy scripts to deploy your contracts, as always, without code changes. Catapulta can extend your commands to automate or add new functionalities.

Best Web3 DevOps practices

Deploy to +14 networks, delegate block explorer verifications, and store your deployments reports in a collaborative dashboard for teams.

Your private keys, better with you

All transaction signing occurs in your machine, once signed, the transactions are broadcasted to the Catapulta RPC Relay.

Deploy in +14 networks, with zero configs

Perform complex multi-chain deployments with a single CLI command.

What Solidity developers say about Catapulta?

"Honestly it's worth it. Verification on all chains without problems and without having to generate x api keys. For chains with multiple explorer it even verified on all of them."

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"Verification was a major issue for us, considering the complexity of the contracts and the dozen libraries used. Catapulta automated that process, and integration only required editing a single line in our deployment script."

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"Catapulta saves a significant amount of time during deployment by eliminating the need to configure RPCs Providers and Etherscan APIs for contract verification, and provides a comprehensive Deployment Report."

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Compatible with Foundry and Hardhat scripts.

Deploy with Catapulta RPC Relay

Tired of paying multiple RPC providers for deploying in different networks in your cross-chain project? With Catapulta you can deploy to +14 networks and aims to supports all popular networks, so you can enjoy multiple RPC connectivity with only a single subscription.

- Click here to see the list of all supported networks

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum Sepolia
  • Ethereum Goerli
  • Polygon
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Polygon ZK EVM
  • Polygon ZK EVM Testnet
  • Base
  • Base Goerli
  • Optimism
  • Optimism Goerli
  • Arbitrum
  • Arbitrum Goerli
  • Metis
  • Metis Goerli
  • BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
  • BSC Testnet
  • Gnosis
  • Gnosis Chiado Testnet
  • ZkSync Era Mainnet
  • ZkSync Era Testnet

If your network is not in the list, contact us and we will add to Catapulta as soon as we can.

Delegated Etherscan verification

Let's be real. Manual contract verification is boring and time consuming, you should be coding instead of taking care of this. Public verifications scripts can fail and is difficult to resume a verification task if there was a connectivity error in the middle of the script.
Let Catapulta verify for you. Once you deploy, Catapulta starts a separate instance which performs the verification process, and supports nested deployments verifications. In the meantime, you can focus on coding or enjoy your time, instead of dealing with verification errors and manual work.

Automated deployment reports

Deployment reports are critical yet there is no standard about what do you need to save after a deployment. You must save your compilation artifacts in each deployment, due you may need it in the future for replicating a deployment in the case you want to expand to another network via CREATE2 or during a deployment audit.

Once your deployment session is finished, Catapulta generates a deployment report and collects all contract names, contract addresses, commit hash, txs, artifacts and ABIs and stores the report in your private dashboard.

Each deployment report is individual from the rest of deployments, enabling you to debug better a deployment session and keep context.

Catapulta report

Private testnets and forks with BuildBear

With Catapulta CLI you can deploy directly to a private testnet via BuildBear Sandbox. The sandbox allows you to deploy and interact with other protocols in mainnet networks, but in a private network without worrying about gas.Catapulta report

Collaborative deployments dashboard

Invite your team members or clients to a Catapulta project, and they will have access to your deployments, contract addresses, and ABIs. Perfect for sharing deployments between organizations.

No code changes or configs needed

Forget about setting up RPC urls and API keys in your project configuration file, with the Catapulta CLI you can deploy with just specifying the network name or chain id. Currently we support +9 networks where you can deploy directly from Foundry or Hardhat.

Track your transaction costs

Catapulta allows to track your deployment costs across different projects and networks, helping to keep track your gas usage.

Contracts ABI Hosting

All the artifacts can always be retrieved via Catapulta Storage, you can download a JSON report from the report page or copy the JSON report URL and be able to load your contracts directly in your frontend or backend. With this feature you can skip building your own S3 backend for storing your contract artifacts.

What's next with Catapulta?

Catapulta aims to make your development easier. We aim to integrate with Tenderly and BuildBear forks and automate all the contracts verification inside your forks, so you can create forks with Catapulta CLI and be able to debug faster instead of manually verifying your contracts.
Catapulta also wants to make deployments safer via introducing Smart Wallets as deployers accounts. In this way, you could perform cross-chain deployments without the need of funding gas in each network, Catapulta could relay your deployment txs, monitor your txs, bump gas prices if needed and remove private keys away from your project.

Release faster with Catapulta

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