Catapulta aims to support as many integrations as possible that speeds up Web3 development.
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Developer tooling

Foundry is a smart contract development toolchain. Foundry manages your dependencies, compiles your project, runs tests, deploys, and lets you interact with the chain from the command-line and via Solidity scripts.


Developer tooling

Hardhat is a development environment for Smart Contracts. It consists of different components for editing, compiling, debugging and deploying your smart contracts and dApps, all of which work together to create a complete development environment.

Hardhat Deploy

Hardhat Deployment Plugin

This hardhat plugin adds a mechanism to deploy contracts to any network, keeping track of them and replicating the same environment for testing. One of the most popular hardhat plugins, made by wighawag.


Sandbox & tooling

Create a Sandbox that is forked from a range of Ethereum-compatible chains, including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and Binance, at any block number. Impersonate accounts, take snapshots, use the faucet and build together in your private sandbox for your team.


Block explorer & Data API

Unleash blockchain exploration effortlessly. Powerful Block Explorer, API Service, Analytics, and smart contract interaction—all in one streamlined platform. Routescan is an EVM explorer, offering a familiar user interface and versatile APIs, along with multi-chain support.


Block explorer & Data API

Blockscout is optimized for next-level blockchain exploration. Multichain, highly configurable, and open source, the explorer portal opens up access to all chain data. Search blocks, transactions and addresses, then go beyond to connect and interact with apps, bridges, wallets and more.


Block explorer & Data API

Explorer, data analytics, and service provider for more than +40 chains.


Block explorer & Data API

Etherscan is the leading block explorer and search, API & analytics platform for Ethereum. Built and launched in 2015 Etherscan is one of the earliest and longest-running independent projects built for Ethereum and its community, with the mission of providing equitable access to blockchain data.